GW2 Application from Taiko

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GW2 Application from Taiko

Postby brebos » 11 Sep 2012 18:41

Legends Application

Player Name:Brenda
Player Age: 31
Player Location: Netherlands

What is your experience of roleplaying games prior to the game you are in?
I haven't roleplayed in MMO's yet, however I did do a lot of roleplay looooong time ago when chatrooms were all new 'n such. Also did a lot of it in Second Life but also with Dungeons and Dragon groups. Roleplaying in MMO's is new to me.

How well versed in the Lore of the game world do you consider yourself?
Not that much, but learning more and more and getting more interested the more I learn.
I guess that also fits my character since she is Sylvari and just newly from the pod. I know little from my dream but I have a lot to learn while I travel this land. Charr for instance are very puzzling but yet amusing to me. Also I'm very fascinated by the Asura

Character Name: Taiko
Character Race: Sylvari
Character Class: Ranger

Tell us a little about your characters early years?
I just got out of the pod and while I learned a lot during my dream, there is still a lot to learn I notice with each step into these strange lands. My motto is "Everything has a right to grow" so I will not attack unless provoked to protect myself and others.

What has led to your character to adventure?
My dream told me it is my destiny to defeat the dragon Zaithan. I have yet a lot to learn on how to defeat him and I have already discovered this is a task I will not be able to do on my own. So I am searching for allies and friends to protect all growing life in Tyria
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Re: Application from Taiko

Postby Guranta » 11 Sep 2012 21:56

Welcome, You are added to the legends group
enjoy the forum.

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Re: Application from Taiko

Postby Meldigahn » 13 Sep 2012 08:19

hello and welcome to the forum
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Re: Application from Taiko

Postby deity » 13 Sep 2012 20:52

Welcome to Legends!
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