GW2 Application for Neme Silvar

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GW2 Application for Neme Silvar

Postby Neme » 19 Dec 2012 01:31

Legends Application

Player Name: Sini
Player Age: 26
Player Location: Finland

What is your experience of roleplaying games prior to the game you are in?
Haven't really roleplayed in a game the same way as in GW2. I have played many single player role-playing games. I also did some larps and tabletop ones at some point.

How well versed in the Lore of the game world do you consider yourself?
Kinda ok well.

Character Name: Neme Silvar
Character Race: Sylvari
Character Class: Elementalist

Tell us a little about your characters early years?
She learned the basics of the world from her dream, but she comes across stuff that is new for her from time to time. Especially other race's peculiarities interest her. Early on she discovered that she likes challenges, especially ones that involve accurate jumping.

What has led to your character to adventure?
Her Wyld Hunt is to defeat Zhaitan, and works toward that goal by trying to gather allies and to erase the dragon's corruption from the world. She attacks only when it cannot be avoided, and respects all life.
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Re: Application for Neme Silvar

Postby deity » 19 Dec 2012 17:34

Welcome to legends!
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Re: Application for Neme Silvar

Postby Meldigahn » 21 Dec 2012 22:59

hello and Welcome on the website :)

Can someobdy give forum right to Neme?
thanks in advance.

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