DDO Application Valamar

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DDO Application Valamar

Postby Valamar » 27 Feb 2013 16:54

Legends Application

Player Name:Frank
Player Age:42
Player Location:Netherlands

I am a old Legends member from back 2006. Lost some years due bad health.

MMO games i play or played:DDO,WOW,Star wars Galaxies, Star wars old Republic, EQ1,2, Horizon, Camelot and many more i dont remember at the moment.
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Re: Application Valamar

Postby Willau Gladeshadow » 27 Feb 2013 20:25

I thought that name rang bells. Hope you are better now. We are on thelanis server now and still can turn out a fair team. Will see you in Stormreach and get the half orc to guild you....If he hasn't already..
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