DDO Application Serenytie

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DDO Application Serenytie

Postby Serenytie » 20 Jan 2012 22:57

Legends Application

Player Name: Caitie
Player Age: 24
Player Location: USA, Michigan

What is your experiance of roleplaying games prior to DDO?
Pen and Paper:
I play with a D&D group (3.5), we also played Heroes game system, Pathfinder, and Star wars.
Mass Effect (1 and 2), Neverwinter nights (1 and 2, with some extra content from players added in there).

How well versed in Eberron Lore do you consider yourself?
I have done some reading, I have only played in Eberon once or twice before in a PnP game.

Character Name: Serenytie Qel'Daunivun
Character Race: Half-elf
Character Class: Rogue

Tell us a little about your characters early years?
Serenytie spent most of her life with her human mother. Sarah, a middle aged gypsy woman, who made and sold all manor of lamps at her ship, Simply Lit. It was an appropriate if sometimes misleading name for a lamp maker who often crafted very intricate, ornate and occasionally magical lamps. However, Serenytie never thought about the fact her mother could create magical works of art, it had always been that way.

She counted her days and bought her time, looking for any reason to leave her mother's shop and explore the world. She burned for adventure.

What has led to your character to the city of Stormreach?
When she turned 18 Serenytie left her mother's shop despite protests to explore the world. She signed on with the first ship heading from the port and found herself in Stormreach.
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Re: Application Serenytie

Postby Thunderfoot » 21 Jan 2012 04:04

welcome to the legends, don't forget to join us this sunday for the guild meet!
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Re: Application Serenytie

Postby Pugnacious » 21 Jan 2012 21:39


Welcome, but be not late or you go in book like everyone else.

(tell us what you need in the way of help and its yours)
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Re: Application Serenytie

Postby Guranta » 21 Jan 2012 22:36

Welcome to the guild..

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