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Postby Willau Gladeshadow » 09 Feb 2012 18:46

Umm yet another refugee I see. (leans back in her chair and checks to see the washing is still there...) We have quite a few Drow in our ranks and I have always made it my policy to welcome all races. Sometimes this has not been at all too successful. Something I really need to add to the guild application though. Do you have any hobbies or past times that you feel you need to mention? The guild is quite close so we get to know everyones strengths and weaknesses you see? So you aren't into Charities that may be considered dodgy? No urge to dig holes in walls and take off with other peoples property in a wheelbarrow late at night? No across race love affairs going on? And I really hope you are not into collecting odd things like ice dragon eggs, dead dwarven kneecaps or other guild members under garments?

(Pauses for a moment and looks at you then smiles.) No it seems you are not into that sort of thing. I think we should get you travelling with some of the guild and ease you gently into things. Oh and a few points. You should be safe from our guild knicker nicker being male. However be careful around our halflings. They can be....odd. And mind your purse. Pugnatious will see to your needs and questions as required just don't mention O'hooligan or dowry to him.. He is still a bit upset..

Welcome to the Legends forum and hope to see you in the city.
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